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I just received my first bad review…or did I?



Well, I just got my first bad review posted for my book. Up until now, I’ve had pretty good reviews and my swollen head has enjoyed it! 🙂

But (always a ‘but’), I know everyone in the world will not like what I write or do.  And I don’t mind that the person wrote what they wrote; everyone has an opinion.  The one thing I didn’t like was that they wrote about their disappointment in what they were expecting, and I don’t know where they got what they were expecting.

So, part of me wants to say “Hey, nowhere did I say to expect X in this book.  Where’d you get that idea from?!?”  While the other part of me wants to crawl in a corner and cry, “How come you don’t like me? :(”

So I thought it over, and came to the conclusion that I will have to accept criticism as much as praise.

A final point I want to make is the key word on top “posted”.  I also realize that since I have (at this point) sold a few hundred books and/or ebooks, I will only ever get a small percentage of reviews.  Therefore, there are probably many many more people that did not like my writing and didn’t bother to write a review.  Perhaps it’s the same for those that liked my writing, but also did not take the time to write a review.

It also made me think of the friends and family that have read it and not left a review.  So, they said they liked it, but did they really?  Yikes, another thing to think of!!  lol

Conclusion: just accept all talk of the book (good or bad); keep learning and trying; and write what feels right!

Exceptional Merit – a great read!

I want to take a moment to praise a book I just finished.  It’s called Exceptional Merit by George Norris (

It is an excellent excellent read (I did not stutter) and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for an authentic police detective novel.  Please check it out and give Mr. Norris a shot with this one…you’ll thank me.

*******This brings up another subject on the marketing front (in a way…sort of…kind of).  So there are a million (maybe just under a million) Facebook groups for writers and authors to come and exchange ideas.  They are also there for authors to “trade” reviews: one will buy the others book, read it and review it on Amazon or elsewhere.  Well, I have started to do this with a couple so far and George’s book was one of them.

The point being: lean on your fellow authors for support.  Whether it is a review or bouncing ideas off of, fellow authors are the best!

My first review

I had to brag about this: my very first review has been posted about my book (A Dog’s Life).  Yes, I’m happy and yes I’m showing off 🙂  And to top it off, it’s a 5-star review!

Ok, I do know the person that put it up there, but I expect nothing but the truth from him and I never even expected a review to be posted.

That’s all I wanted to say at this point.  Thanks to Mark for buying, reading and reviewing this book.  Thanks to all who have been so supportive along the way!

Continued thanks!

I just wanted to pass along a big thanks to many people.  I recently (finally) published my novel, and the response has been great.  I mean people actually bought the dang thing?!  And read it 😮

As I stated when I launched this, it was just to get it out there.  I didn’t do it for the money or fame (lol); I just wanted to write and show that writing off a little.  Maybe even get some feedback, which I have now received from several people.

Of course I’m more than happy to accept public reviews from those that bought the book:

Review on Amazon: the link to my author page, which will get you to the book or ebook:

Review on Goodreads:

Thanks again to everyone, it truly means a lot to me!

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