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I just received my first bad review…or did I?



Well, I just got my first bad review posted for my book. Up until now, I’ve had pretty good reviews and my swollen head has enjoyed it! ūüôā

But (always a ‘but’), I know everyone in the world will not like what I write or do. ¬†And I don’t mind that the person wrote what they wrote; everyone has an opinion. ¬†The one thing I didn’t like was that they wrote about their disappointment in what they were expecting, and I don’t know where they got what they were expecting.

So, part of me wants to say “Hey, nowhere did I say to expect X in this book. ¬†Where’d you get that idea from?!?” ¬†While the other part of me wants to crawl in a corner and cry, “How come you don’t like me? :(”

So I thought it over, and came to the conclusion that I will have to accept criticism as much as praise.

A final point I want to make is the key word on top “posted”. ¬†I also realize that since I have (at this point) sold a few hundred books and/or ebooks, I will only ever get a small percentage of reviews. ¬†Therefore, there are probably many many more people that did not like my writing and didn’t bother to write a review. ¬†Perhaps it’s the same for those that liked my writing, but also did not take the time to write a review.

It also made me think of the friends and family that have read it and not left a review.  So, they said they liked it, but did they really?  Yikes, another thing to think of!!  lol

Conclusion: just accept all talk of the book (good or bad); keep learning and trying; and write what feels right!

99 cent book swap

So I have come across one of the best facebook groups: Authors for Authors.  And we are trying something for the third time so far: a book buy swap.

Us Indie authors must stick together, so we agree to buy each others’ ebook on a certain day for a certain period. ¬†We are doing this in hopes that it sends each others’ Amazon rank higher and higher, thus providing interest in our books. ¬†It’s been very successful so far.

This time, I’m trying again by reducing my ebook price to 99 cents. ¬†I have advertised ahead of time that it is cheaper, and we’ll see how it goes. ¬†I’ll report back how it works out!

Check out my ebook (99 cents for a limited time!):

Also, check out the FB group to see a list of authors participating in this (hey, you can get a cheap, good read!):



Book rank moves up

Moving up in the world! Current ranking for my novel is (drum roll)….

Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #9,912 Paid in Kindle Store (See Top 100 Paid in Kindle Store)

#17 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Mystery, Thriller & Suspense > Mystery > Cozy > Animals

And I just got another 5-star review!!! Does it show that I’m happy? Check it out if you please. Thanks!

You can check out my Amazon author page where the book is available as both a paperback or Kindle version:

Or even my FB author page:

Exceptional Merit – a great read!

I want to take a moment to praise a book I just finished.¬† It’s called Exceptional Merit by George Norris (

It is an excellent excellent read (I did not stutter) and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for an authentic police detective novel.¬† Please check it out and give Mr. Norris a shot with this one…you’ll thank me.

*******This brings up another subject on the marketing front (in a way…sort of…kind of).¬† So there are a million (maybe just under a million) Facebook groups for writers and authors to come and exchange ideas.¬† They are also there for authors to “trade” reviews: one will buy the others book, read it and review it on Amazon or elsewhere.¬† Well, I have started to do this with a couple so far and George’s book was one of them.

The point being: lean on your fellow authors for support.  Whether it is a review or bouncing ideas off of, fellow authors are the best!

Expanding your market – Smashwords

Ok, I’m sure many already knew this, but this is a journey for me and I’m learning as I go (and search and read and…).

Smashwords! ¬†Plain and simple. ¬†I started my publishing through Createspace and it’s been easy and great. ¬†Then I did a direct publish of my ebook through Amazon (KDP). ¬†So where else can you sell through? ¬†What about getting your content on an iPhone, or selling through Barnes & Noble? ¬†This is where Smashwords comes into play!

I had heard about it, but I thought it was just a different venue to get your book published, and I already chose Createspace.  Not the case, and why limit yourself!  SW is where you can upload your ebook and they convert into to multiple formats so that anyone and everyone can read it.  If someone wants to buy it and read it on their PC: go for it.  iPhone?  Check!  B&N?  Got it!

And it’s pretty easy. ¬†They do have strict guidelines for how to format your book, but it’s just a matter of changing some formatting and uploading it. ¬†And if it doesn’t pass their initial check, try it again!

Oh, did I mention the cost?  Nothing.  Well, sort of.  They simply take a portion of your sales.  But the best part: you are out there in much more multiple locations.

So, don’t sit on the sidelines on this one. ¬†Be Nike and Just Do it!!!

Here’s my page on Smashwords:¬†

Continued thanks!

I just wanted to pass along a big thanks to many people. ¬†I recently (finally) published my novel, and the response has been great. ¬†I mean people actually bought the dang thing?! ¬†And read it ūüėģ

As I stated when I launched this, it was just to get it out there. ¬†I didn’t do it for the money or fame (lol); I just wanted to write and show that writing off a little. ¬†Maybe even get some feedback, which I have now received from several people.

Of course I’m more than happy to accept public reviews from those that bought the book:

Review on Amazon: the link to my author page, which will get you to the book or ebook:

Review on Goodreads:

Thanks again to everyone, it truly means a lot to me!

Best cover contest (please vote for me)

I’ve entered my book into a best cover contest at Authorsdb.¬† If you get a chance, check it out and let me know what you think.¬† Also, if you can and wish to (please!), vote for my cover.

Here is the link:


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