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I just received my first bad review…or did I?



Well, I just got my first bad review posted for my book. Up until now, I’ve had pretty good reviews and my swollen head has enjoyed it! 🙂

But (always a ‘but’), I know everyone in the world will not like what I write or do.  And I don’t mind that the person wrote what they wrote; everyone has an opinion.  The one thing I didn’t like was that they wrote about their disappointment in what they were expecting, and I don’t know where they got what they were expecting.

So, part of me wants to say “Hey, nowhere did I say to expect X in this book.  Where’d you get that idea from?!?”  While the other part of me wants to crawl in a corner and cry, “How come you don’t like me? :(”

So I thought it over, and came to the conclusion that I will have to accept criticism as much as praise.

A final point I want to make is the key word on top “posted”.  I also realize that since I have (at this point) sold a few hundred books and/or ebooks, I will only ever get a small percentage of reviews.  Therefore, there are probably many many more people that did not like my writing and didn’t bother to write a review.  Perhaps it’s the same for those that liked my writing, but also did not take the time to write a review.

It also made me think of the friends and family that have read it and not left a review.  So, they said they liked it, but did they really?  Yikes, another thing to think of!!  lol

Conclusion: just accept all talk of the book (good or bad); keep learning and trying; and write what feels right!


Ok, so I’ve known of Goodreads, but now I’ve really discovered it (

If you’re looking for a place to find a good book, this is the place to go.  I highly recommend it.  You start out picking out different genres that you like (mystery, biography, etc) and then review books you’ve read in each category.  You also mark books you want to read.  From there, it gives you recommendations of books you should check out!  Simple, yes.  But also fantastic!

You can also try and become one of their “librarians” and update or add titles you feel people should be reading.  They also have news groups that you can comment in and stay in touch with others.

In short: I like it! 🙂

AND…I’ve added my own profile on their You can see what I’ve read and want to read.  Maybe someday my own book will be on there!!

Lesson 1: Don’t be embarrassed

My novel, A Dog’s Life has been released this week; I was kind of excited about it, so I wanted to spread my good news with my friends and coworkers.  I didn’t want to brag, just share my excitement with people I know.

The problem was that I’ve been rather embarrassed about doing this: it’s something I enjoy and I’ve kept it private.  I don’t know how good I am at writing an actual novel.  And I don’t think this is exclusive to myself; I think other authors (or artist for instance) have the same type of “embarrassement” with their work.

My fears were unfounded: they were all very kind in their response.  Supportive, happy for me, and excited to get their own copy and get an autograph (that’s another blog post I think).  I’ve sold 6 copies in one day to top off all the praise!  (a great thank you to all those friends)

So, my advice for would-be authors: share what you are doing.  Share what you’ve done, and continue to share what you are doing.  It’s a great boost of confidence, plus you can use those same friends and family and coworkers as critics and editors.

Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog…now let’s see if I can get you to stay awhile.  I’ve never written a blog before, so bare with me.  Wait, this is a family blog so we best keep the clothes on…bear with me instead! 🙂

I’d introduce myself, but that’s boring stuff and you can always read that part in the “ABOUT” section.  Remember, I’m trying to keep you here!  How about I just explain why I’m starting a blog and where I wish to take it?

I’m a writer.  How’s that for a statement?  Ok, I write and I want to be a writer that has a published book.  Pretty lofty goals, but what the heck!  So I’ve finally finished my first novel and I’m ready to publish, but now what?  After much research on this point, I am going to go with self-publishing: it seems impossible to get anyone to read a manuscript without getting a literary agent, so I’m going my own route.  Well, when I say “own” I have many to thank for helping me on this path (more on that later).

So I figure: “Hey, if I’m going to self-publish, I need a website or something.”  Light bulb time!  And that’s how I’m here.  But I want more than just having a spot for people to come check out my book (soon to be on sale and I hope you will check it out and buy it…shameless plug).  I also thought I’d have a spot for blogging about writing and self-publishing…and writing (did I mention that?).

Sit back and keep tabs on what happens next.  I’ll post my experience with self-publishing and writing.  I hope you will join the discussion and maybe we can all have fun together!


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