Exceptional Merit – a great read!

I want to take a moment to praise a book I just finished.  It’s called Exceptional Merit by George Norris (http://amzn.com/B00DS0TD0C).

It is an excellent excellent read (I did not stutter) and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for an authentic police detective novel.  Please check it out and give Mr. Norris a shot with this one…you’ll thank me.

*******This brings up another subject on the marketing front (in a way…sort of…kind of).  So there are a million (maybe just under a million) Facebook groups for writers and authors to come and exchange ideas.  They are also there for authors to “trade” reviews: one will buy the others book, read it and review it on Amazon or elsewhere.  Well, I have started to do this with a couple so far and George’s book was one of them.

The point being: lean on your fellow authors for support.  Whether it is a review or bouncing ideas off of, fellow authors are the best!

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