Lesson 1: Don’t be embarrassed

My novel, A Dog’s Life has been released this week; I was kind of excited about it, so I wanted to spread my good news with my friends and coworkers.  I didn’t want to brag, just share my excitement with people I know.

The problem was that I’ve been rather embarrassed about doing this: it’s something I enjoy and I’ve kept it private.  I don’t know how good I am at writing an actual novel.  And I don’t think this is exclusive to myself; I think other authors (or artist for instance) have the same type of “embarrassement” with their work.

My fears were unfounded: they were all very kind in their response.  Supportive, happy for me, and excited to get their own copy and get an autograph (that’s another blog post I think).  I’ve sold 6 copies in one day to top off all the praise!  (a great thank you to all those friends)

So, my advice for would-be authors: share what you are doing.  Share what you’ve done, and continue to share what you are doing.  It’s a great boost of confidence, plus you can use those same friends and family and coworkers as critics and editors.

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