Proof approved!

I have taken the next step(s) and approved my proof through CreateSpace.  You can now purchase this book right now…I know: now!  At least at my CS page:

5 to 7 days on Amazon.  I am also doing the Kindle release soon.

I’m excited now.  I’ll be honest, it was kind of weird (in a good way) to see my book for sale.  I’m sure I’ll get another feeling like that when I see it on Amazon for sale.

I don’t know how that works yet.  I’m not sure if I’ll be sent a link to where it will be on Amazon or if I have any control once it is there.

The ebook is another story: I am ready to publish through Amazon’s KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing).  There are a few choices when you do this.

First you have to decide if you want to participate in the KDP select program.  This basically says you will not e-publish anywhere else for 90 days other than with Kindle.  Also, you get so many days of giving your book away for free.  This is good to get your book out there for everyone to read.  I decided not to participate.  I believe you can change this later on (I think at least?)

I will keep everyone posted.

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