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Best cover contest (please vote for me)

I’ve entered my book into a best cover contest at Authorsdb.  If you get a chance, check it out and let me know what you think.  Also, if you can and wish to (please!), vote for my cover.

Here is the link:


Lesson 1: Don’t be embarrassed

My novel, A Dog’s Life has been released this week; I was kind of excited about it, so I wanted to spread my good news with my friends and coworkers.  I didn’t want to brag, just share my excitement with people I know.

The problem was that I’ve been rather embarrassed about doing this: it’s something I enjoy and I’ve kept it private.  I don’t know how good I am at writing an actual novel.  And I don’t think this is exclusive to myself; I think other authors (or artist for instance) have the same type of “embarrassement” with their work.

My fears were unfounded: they were all very kind in their response.  Supportive, happy for me, and excited to get their own copy and get an autograph (that’s another blog post I think).  I’ve sold 6 copies in one day to top off all the praise!  (a great thank you to all those friends)

So, my advice for would-be authors: share what you are doing.  Share what you’ve done, and continue to share what you are doing.  It’s a great boost of confidence, plus you can use those same friends and family and coworkers as critics and editors.

Kindle version available

I suppose I should have just waited the extra day 🙂

Yesterday I announce the release of my book, A Dog’s Life.  Today, the Kindle version is available for purchase as well now:

I’ll update on my experience with all of this shortly.  Thanks for checking it all out!

I’m published!

I’ve approved my proof and my book is out there to be purchased now.

Amazon link:

CreateSpace link: (I get more royalties through this one 😉 )

Please check it out (buy it if you have the urge) and let me know what you think of the cover and description at least.  It’s just published, so I understand that eventually CS will handle the “Look Inside” feature through Amazon.

I was right too: it was kind of exciting to see my book on Amazon!

Proof approved!

I have taken the next step(s) and approved my proof through CreateSpace.  You can now purchase this book right now…I know: now!  At least at my CS page:

5 to 7 days on Amazon.  I am also doing the Kindle release soon.

I’m excited now.  I’ll be honest, it was kind of weird (in a good way) to see my book for sale.  I’m sure I’ll get another feeling like that when I see it on Amazon for sale.

I don’t know how that works yet.  I’m not sure if I’ll be sent a link to where it will be on Amazon or if I have any control once it is there.

The ebook is another story: I am ready to publish through Amazon’s KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing).  There are a few choices when you do this.

First you have to decide if you want to participate in the KDP select program.  This basically says you will not e-publish anywhere else for 90 days other than with Kindle.  Also, you get so many days of giving your book away for free.  This is good to get your book out there for everyone to read.  I decided not to participate.  I believe you can change this later on (I think at least?)

I will keep everyone posted.

Self Publishing Continued

Book - FrontBook - BackBook - Spine

I received my proof!  Those are pictures of the front, back and spine.  It looks good.  I just have to read it through just to make sure, then it’s publishing time!


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