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Welcome to my blog…now let’s see if I can get you to stay awhile.  I’ve never written a blog before, so bare with me.  Wait, this is a family blog so we best keep the clothes on…bear with me instead! 🙂

I’d introduce myself, but that’s boring stuff and you can always read that part in the “ABOUT” section.  Remember, I’m trying to keep you here!  How about I just explain why I’m starting a blog and where I wish to take it?

I’m a writer.  How’s that for a statement?  Ok, I write and I want to be a writer that has a published book.  Pretty lofty goals, but what the heck!  So I’ve finally finished my first novel and I’m ready to publish, but now what?  After much research on this point, I am going to go with self-publishing: it seems impossible to get anyone to read a manuscript without getting a literary agent, so I’m going my own route.  Well, when I say “own” I have many to thank for helping me on this path (more on that later).

So I figure: “Hey, if I’m going to self-publish, I need a website or something.”  Light bulb time!  And that’s how I’m here.  But I want more than just having a spot for people to come check out my book (soon to be on sale and I hope you will check it out and buy it…shameless plug).  I also thought I’d have a spot for blogging about writing and self-publishing…and writing (did I mention that?).

Sit back and keep tabs on what happens next.  I’ll post my experience with self-publishing and writing.  I hope you will join the discussion and maybe we can all have fun together!


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  1. Lanie Sners says:

    I’ll buy your book, if I can have your autograph too :-)! After reading the teaser chapter, I know it is going to be one of those books you can’t put down until you are done!

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